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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Often times, inspiration comes from trial and error. Taking a concept, mapping it out, working through versions, finalizing. But, in today’s creative ecosystem, originality is being redefined. Content is more and more abundant. Repurposing has become almost essential. And we’re not mad at it. I love Led Zeppelin, even though some might say they just played the blues.

Where does creativity fall? We reference our colleagues for creativity. We think of it as boosting your creative juices to inspire your audience. Check out what other creatives are building to help shape the right vision for projects.

Working as a designer or in a creative field is fun and challenging. We have designed this series to inspire and share. And, share creativity with our voice. Every now and then you need a spark, something new. There are tons of sites online that can help you find the latest collections of graphic designs and top trends in the industry.

With so much content being created and shared each day on the internet, we’re lucky! The web contains a depth of knowledge and inspiration that can help your creativity flow. If you haven’t already, build a folder in your bookmarks bar and start saving the websites that inspire you. AND, don’t forget to pay the designers, request permission, and give credit!

Here are some of our favorite sites that we keep in the ole’ bookmarks bar.


Dribble is basically an online community where millions of designers stay connected from different corners of the world and showcase their artwork. Dribble makes use of an invite-only membership program and maintains fairly high quality on the platform.

The site is easy to navigate with its secondary menu to easily search by animation, branding, illustration, mobile, print, etc. There are tiles to view multiple designs on one page and even options to hire designers directly from the platform.


Behance is another popular online community where designers can showcase their unique and creative artwork. The best part? Anyone can join.

The site is easy to navigate and driven by visual tiles, so it’s pretty to look at too. The platform also provides curated galleries (think prebuilt Spotify playlist for your eyeballs) which makes it easy to view designs by type or theme (illustration, photography, in-motion, product design, fashion, etc). To say the least, we likey Behance.


Abduzeedo is a design blog that’s loaded with tutorials, case studies, content, and graphic designs. The site also has a “daily inspiration” category where you can find something new every day.

The blog highlights projects from producers all over the world, for clients of all shapes and sizes. Although it’s not as easy of a scroll as Behance, its worth spending some time on Abduzeedo if you’ve got it.


Awwwards is cool because their whole purpose is to “recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world.” (quote from their website)

On the site, you’ll find a diversity of unique designs, related to every field and from producers all over the world. Every day they highlight their “site of the day” and provide stats on the website’s design, usability, creativity, and content. It’s pretty cool, clickity-check it.


...don't forget...mother nature is the OG for creativity *rhyme intentional*

and sometimes all you need is some fresh air and sunshine on your face to refresh your brain and get those ideas blooming again. Take a walk! Sit at a park! Open your fridge and take in the beauty that is the potato sprouting (if that’s all you’ve got)!

Finish this article, peruse the links, and then maybe walk away from a screen for 10 minutes!

Your brain will appreciate it :)


What sites do you turn to for creative inspiration? Let us know on social!

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