Top 10 Free(ish) Social Media Image Sites.

An image can tell so many different stories. But only if it appears at the right place at the right time. And, is perceived correctly by the viewer.

Marketing professionals are always eager to find unique stock photos to boost engagement and build brand value in the competitive market. Do you need free, quick, easy, in-brand stock photography for your campaigns? And, you have no clue where to go to get what you need?

Fret no more, friends. We’re here to help.

Here we have listed ten free social media stock image sites to help you choose the most impressive collections for your upcoming campaigns.

Did we miss a platform that you use all of the time? Leave a comment and let us know!

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the top-rated free stock photo websites with over 850,000 images. These high-resolution images are sourced from a talented community of media creators and photographers. There are various themes to choose from, and you can always search for what you precisely need.

2. Gratisography

Gratisography is another reliable platform for stunning stock photos. This platform is known for the quirky style of Ryan McGuire, a famous photographer. You will find a vast collection of royalty-free, high-resolution images organized in different categories as nature, animals, urban, people, and objects. If they don’t have the photo you’re looking for; they offer promo codes for you to use on Shutterfly! #perk

3. Brand Content Product

Just like it sounds, this website provides designed items for your brand, different content pieces, and products. Whether its a themed pack for social media, a logo, or a brand guide, BCP can support your needs. The items aren’t free, but they’re so affordable that we felt passionate that it was worth mentioning. $5.99 for ten social media graphics? Under $75 for a custom logo with two options?! Read us like a book.

Please, and thank you!

4. IM Free

IM Free offers an outstanding collection of stock photos that can be used for commercial needs (for free, just remember to site the creator). They are organized by different categories as nature, education, and technology for easy access. The site isn’t as clean of user experience as an Unsplash or pixabay, but it’s still beneficial.

Shout out to IM Free for having a little more diversity in their stock photos than most sites! Yes, we are looking for all different kinds of people to be reflected in stock photography.

5. Pixabay

Here you can find more than half a million videos and images that are suitable for personal as well as commercial projects. The best part is that they come with a Creative Commons Zero license; it means you can modify them with ease. And, you can search for photos or stock videos!

6. Pexels

Another fantastic platform where you can find millions of stock photos from some famous digital creatives and photographers. This platform also aggregates unique collections from other websites such as Pixabay, Little Visuals, and Gratisography. Pexels also provides the opportunity to search for photos and stock videos.

7. Morguefile

This platform was developed in 1996, and today, it has become the biggest platform for free stock photos. Don’t worry; the experience on-site doesn’t feel like a 1996 website. These images can be easily used as backgrounds for some text-based graphics.

8. Reshot

Reshot is one of the largest free image sites, collected from talented photographers around the world. You can also find an impressive list of curated theme photo packs to lead specific campaigns online.

9. Stockvault

Stockvault has a vast collection of more than 35,000 high quality, royalty-free graphics generated by students, designers, and photographers from different corners of the world. It has two distinct sections: free stock photos and premium stock photos. Feel free to choose from whichever you need!

10. FoodiesFeed

If you are running a food business, this stock image platform may serve your needs better. This free library includes millions of beautiful stock photos of food from different parts of the world.


Are you looking for something more than a stock photo? Do you need to build custom design elements to bring consistency to your brand, or wireframes for landing pages and websites? Email us; we are here to help grow your business from 0 to 100!

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