5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

So, we are here; we made it, you are now living in the year 2020.

Don't worry, a whole new year of competition, research, and best practices are waiting for you ahead. You might have done some effective marketing in 2019, but the same ideas may not bring you the desired traffic this year. You have to update your digital strategy regularly to achieve higher returns online, and not just because it is a new year!

Sometimes though, we need a little creative kindling to build the inspirational fire for marketing. 🔥

Below, we have listed some ideas. Take 'em or leave 'em, you do you. Either way, this is some good 'ish, and we hope it helps!

1. Create solid marketing.

Duh. Everyone is saying it - creative marketing that speaks to your audience will change the game! Every business needs to find more ways to engage with their audience. Truth: this is only possible if you know their taste and preferences. Launch smart campaigns online to capture user data, use the data to understand your audience, and create content (see below) to win the battle. Explore their shopping behaviors and trends to bring your audience together into one community. Create the best experience for your customers.

Ok, you get it. Get data. But what data should you be reviewing?

We like to take gender, age, location, income, likes/categories (social media + google), and job title + type into consideration. Once we know the bread and butter audience for the product or company, we are ready to inform an impressive campaign and run it on the correct outlets, with credible, relevant content.

And that's how you start a smart campaign, all it takes is research and understanding the trends.

2. Did you really forget mobile?

It feels weird to mention this. Mobile has been the trend for what feels like forever. But some marketers still don't understand:

  • You must create responsive websites!

  • These websites must work on all devices, including tablets!

  • Create simple to consume content and messages that people can read in 3 seconds, scrolling through their phone!

Don't trust us? Look at the stats. Everyone owns a mobile phone. Engagement and message delivery online are driven by these little cute, time-sucking, click distracting, all-consuming gadgets. Your business stays connected to your audience 24x7. Also, your customers can research and find the most reliable and trustworthy companies in your area, in the palm of their hands.

It isn't just where your message is received; it's also how it is received. With the rise of shoppable social media and AI-powered chatbots, we are experiencing a new dimension in consumer to business interactions. Customers now prefer to check updates and receive offers on their own. They prefer to skip the long phone calls with customer support and opt-out of the in-store shopping experience.

To summarize here, don't forget mobile. It is how your audience will hear your message, engage with your company, receive your offers, and provide feedback on your customer experience.

3. Walk the line of personalization, but don't cross it.

Personalization has become the demand of this marketing era. The rise of retargeting/remarketing, look-a-like audiences targeting, and programmatic buying, all with targeted messaging, has opened up a big-ole can of I got your ass. The thing is, there is a line, and no one needs to cross it. Don't be creepy, be compelling!

One easy way to do this, if you are running Facebook ad buys, is to keep your frequency around the three mark. Also, personalize your advertising. Present more relevant and meaningful content to your audience while building strong relationships. Don't say, "You just visited my store and didn't buy anything, come back." Yes, you can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover patterns. Yes, you can run abandoned cart campaigns. Just present suggestions and offer advice based on a pain-point.

4. You better be crushing video!

If you are not crushing video, you need to give us a call. You are way behind. Video is the fire that fuels the internet. Why read when you can watch a video? Hmmm, ironic to say in a blog, but...

Anyways, audiences are more likely to browse content on multiple devices, and it is valid for all age groups. You should create video ads + organic content for all social media platforms, especially Instagram and YouTube. Video marketing ensures more success by building an emotional connection with the audience. Also, if done correctly, video marketing can be a tool to help customers troubleshoot and learn more about your product. That, my friend, is a win-win.

Pro Tip: If you don't know, now you'll know. If you upload to youtube without a plugin, I mean, come on... don't do me like that.

5. Be exciting and/or interactive.

Ok, so sometimes we are not selling the most exciting product or solution. Sometimes it is a struggle to make something enjoyable because how impressive can a selfie at your desk or a picture of the cafeteria be? You know what, maybe the product is abundant, and everyone is doing it, and you are tired of hearing about it. Maybe your great uncle picked out the brand colors in 1980, and you can't do anything about it. We don't care -> be more interactive. Think outside of the box. Break those creative ceilings.

Don't get us wrong, if you are a big wave surfer and can post near-death experiences every day, do it. If you are a beautiful model, traveling to exotic places, post it. If you are an inspirational speaker and can post a new message to your audience, what are you waiting for?

Regardless, to win consumer minds, you should create interactive content.

Create ads loaded with some catchy elements like shoppable posts, quizzes, and 360 videos to enhance the engagement between business and customer. Interactive ads promise impressive results in the long run and can help you generate more click through rates. What else?

Ask questions! Respond to comments quickly! Listen! Engage with your customers!

You know what, we're going to end with that folks. Don't forget:

Ask questions! Respond to comments quickly! Listen! Engage with your customers! And, if you're still not sure where to start? Contact us!

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